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the act of stimulating the anal opening and the surrounding area with a partner's mouth.
"in order to save my self from tourture i was forced to toss his salad"
von jiggamon 15. Januar 2003
462 406
The act of licking the anus and the area between the sex organs and anus, which is covered in a sweet liquid or syrup.
When done in prison, the reciever is dominant; the one doing it is submissive.

verb. to toss a salad
tossing a salad.
The big man told his prison bitch to toss his salad.
von dustwave 15. Mai 2004
1851 1016
The act of licking a partners anus and it's surrounding areas. The term draws a parallel to tossing a regular vegetable salad, where all the comtents of the slad are mixed around with salad tongs. In the sexual variety, the reciever of the "tossing" has all the contents of the anus (hairs, lint, dingleberries) mixed around by the partners tongue, which provides moisture (dressing)and essentially serves as human tongs.
My girl loves having a tossed salad before getting poked.
von UrbanDom 11. Mai 2006
1129 637
to lick a bunghole
last night your mom tossed my salad
von oogalie boogalie 24. April 2003
702 616
A rather tasty salad typically comprising of lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers among many other vegetables, topped with a dressing of some sort.
Spread your asshole whilst I eat tossed salad, even though the two have no relation whatsoever.
von waka flocka flame, hood ass n* 2. Dezember 2012
138 81
A green leafy dish, usually made with lettuce, with some sort of dressing, i.e. ranch, 1000 island, etc...
As a precurser to dinner, my little brother made me some tossed salad.
von Dan Yaeger 2. Oktober 2006
703 687
eating ass.
licking someones asshole
I love to soss salad in prison. It keeps me safe.
von jim jones 25. Januar 2005
274 339