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A childish word for urinating
"Mummy! I need to go wee wee real bad!"
von Billy-Bob McSanchez 6. April 2005
225 81
a very tiny dick; usually 1-3 inches
Boy: look at my shlong!
Girls: ahahahhahaha! u got a wee wee!
von J 0 K A 25. Februar 2005
309 170
the thing that peepee comes out of
my doctor circumsized my weewee!
von Anonymous 6. April 2003
197 77
A penis that is under 4 inches in length when hard. Anything over 4 inches can be refered to as dick, cock, ect.
"Hahahaha, she said that max had a weewee"

"I need a cock pump for my weewee"
von j-john 26. Juli 2006
138 55
1. to pee
2. a small penis
1. i have to go weewee
2. my baby has a weewee
von lololowtfhihahavvv 14. Dezember 2004
105 53
1. the penis

2. to urinate
Hey, stop staring at my wee-wee.
von Light Joker 7. August 2004
60 21
An extremely tiny penis that is barely able to be called a penis; A laughably small penis.
When Ryan's swimming trunks fell off, he didn't realize it and stepped out of the water. Us girls all laughed at his tiny, hairless wee wee!
von super hot Sarah 12. Mai 2010
61 28