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You know what im saying?
"I'm on a 3-16, ya heard?"
von Quannesha 21. Oktober 2003
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you hear, or do you understand
Im coming over today, ya heard?
von The Hack 23. April 2003
You got it?
She slept with my baby's daddy, ya heard?!?!
von Gina & Mary Ann 19. August 2003
1. Did you hear what I just said? Usually follows a sentence that is not true.
I be straight pimpin, ya heard!
von Joel 24. Februar 2004
The blatant yet, captivating slang used when an individual insists on his or her counterpart's understanding. However, this slang does not require a comma before, and is highly put to shame if you actually take the time to put a question mark after it.
"Say shawty i'm tryna get my money and fuck bitches and I ain't worried about yo damn child support ya heard"

"My nigga i'm just stackin' my paper ya heard"
von GuruWithIt 6. Juli 2013
Mostly a phrase used after a sentence. People in New York are common to use this word.
Meet me at school, ya heard?
von BGizzles45 5. September 2007
a common contraction of "yeah, i heard".
yo did you hear about that party last friday?
von froydeanschlippe 25. Januar 2009

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