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Plain and incospicuous when sober, but give this guy a beer and he turns into the deepest most controversial cracker-barrel philosopher you'll ever meet. Holds unique opinions on all kinds of both modern everyday converstional topics aswell as obscure historic events dating back as far as the stoneages. He'll be more than happy to share all this unique knowledge with you and go into great detail as to why your own opinions on those topics are wrong. His voice thereby will increase in volume exponentially with the amount of alcohol you give him.
Jake: Dude, what's up with that shouting guy over there?
Tom: Beats me man. He was quiet until a minute ago, then he took a gulp of his beer and now he's ranting on about the Osman Empire and how the government faked climate change to blind the people.
Jake: Great, another McCoy.
by on Jul 16, 2014

tags: McCoy, mc coy, cracker-barrel, cracker-barrel philosopher, beer, heavy drinking, conspiracies, alcohol abuse, shouting, politics, philosophy,